martedì 29 maggio 2012

back in the days. my fav ones...mika.

One of my favourite album of all time is "Life In Cartoon Motion" by Mika. Sincerely the first time I listened to "Grace Kelly" I thought "Who's that "Freddie Mercury look-a-like?"; I didn't really appreciate that song. I remember I've bought that album in sale in a record shop in London, was in Hampstead? Don't remember. From the moment I've heard "Any Other World" the vision of that artist changed in my mind. I love the strings and the piano on it; so emotional, so deep...I adore the impact it creates. I really liked the concept of that album, the artwork, not all the tracks but just that song was saving all the others.

I enjoyed that record very much. The best episodes are "Lollipop", "Relax" and the hidden track "Over My Shoulder".

Here's my personal version of my fav Mika's track, thus "Any Other World". I've recorded this morning in my room, I tried to put a kinda rock bells pad on it...hope u like it. Don't hesitate to post below this post your opinions about it.

Nath xx

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