lunedì 16 luglio 2012

its_eleven_2012. the resume of an evil night.

(1) still from the event. (2) me and my fashion blogger friend sara from (3) winning moment for ichiro suzuki.

last saturday trieste sparkled through the lights of "its eleven" catwalk. eleven fashion designers have been chosen by the jury made by some of the most important fashion brands and labels: vogue italia, swarovski, ykk, diesel...

(4) the best outfit of all night - (5) the entire collection of its winner ichiro suzuki.

i had the opportunity to attend to the event and i really enjoyed it; the collection of Ichiro Suzuki was the best of the whole event. He really met the art of minimalist and fashion all together in one outfit, a bridge between sartorial obsession and innovative design.

(6) marco and angela. (7) me @ its afterparty. (8) terrific outfit for in her laugh cry repeat (LA) from nyla botique.

his fashion is about stories, dreams and emotions that can be told without words. I really liked the grey/light grey colours he used and the technique he chase for his suits (I adored the "geometrical" suit - picture 4). he actually won the final prize for the best fashion project of all night.

(9) me and renzo rosso from diesel. (10) with carolina from (11) me and angela from music group "uendi". (12) me and francesca.

leather jacket: customised from cesivintage
shirt: insight
jeans: cheap monday

domenica 15 luglio 2012